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About Us

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Cheryl Currie. I live on an acreage at Lake Wabamun, Alberta not far from the capital of Edmonton that has a great arts community. I’ve dabbled in a lot of different art forms (I want to learn to do everything!) but have found jewelry design and metalworking call to me the most. 5 years ago I made Cloud&Lolly my full time business. Experimentation and lots of time in my studio have brought me to where I am today!

What is the first thing you remember making by hand?

My first artistic memories stem from sitting at the family’s kitchen table and drawing for hours. Early on I always knew I would grow up to be an artist. I devoured my mom’s collection of the 1970s ‘Family Creative Workshop’ series of DIY books and crafty messes were made daily!

What are your favourite materials?

Found objects, metal, stone, glass, wood, fabric, and most recently, metal clay - I’m learning to love how I can mold, shape, hammer and polish clay/metal into something beautiful.


Where can customers find your jewelry?

My pieces are sold at local brick & mortar boutiques (see the Retailers page) online as well as on Made Urban. In person you can find me at Edmonton farmers' markets and craft shows as well on my Markets & Craft Shows page.

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