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Styling Cloud & Lolly Jewelry

I am super excited to have had the opportunity to work with Edmonton blogger Emily, of Sparkles, Lace and Sequins (such a great name!) Emily had the opportunity to spend a week with a selection of my spring/summer '16 collection, and here's what happened! ••• You may have noticed that I enjoy jewelry. A lot. It’s a genetic thing, really. My mother has always been a jewelry lover and has an enviable collection of gorgeous pieces – sadly she is too far away (and her ring size is too different from mine) for me to regularly borrow from. But over...

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Barbie is looking a little less plastic these days!

Barbie has for decades been a favorite amongst preteen girls, and occasionally a source of annoyance for concerned mothers. If the disproportionately long legs and unrealistic waistline didn't perturb you, then her pale skin and decidedly blond aesthetic surely may have left you hankering for something a little more realistic and diverse. After all, there are many different kinds of bodies on many different kinds of human beings in the world...and Barbie hardly represents a single one of them. Or rather, not until recently. To the joy of many young girls and moms alike, Barbie has gotten a much needed...

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My trip came to an end without incident! I walked lots, ate a ton of fresh lobster, experienced small coastal town life and fully recharged. The City Market on 104th is chugging along nicely. I love it when we get international visitors coming through Edmonton for the various events. Cloud & Lolly went home with tourists from Ottawa, Argentina, Australia and Norway! I am getting ready for the ever popular Edmonton Fringe Festival - 10 days of food, fare, outdoor performances and locally made goods. It runs from August 13th til the 23rd just off Whyte Ave., in Old Strathcona....

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Summer adventure. Part One

Who doesn't love to travel. This summer an opportunity presented itself and I jumped on it! Drive over 5,000kms (3,100 miles) across Canada, from Edmonton, Alberta to Nova Scotia. Yes please!We stopped overnight in Winnipeg, Terrace Bay, Ontario, North Bay, Ontario and lastly, Edmundston, New Brunswick. And on the way, got to see the Terry Fox Memorial overlooking Lake Superior, Parliament & the Supreme Court of Canada (while standing on the bridge that separates Ontario & Quebec) Canada Day festivities was getting started so we had to keep at a distance to avoid the crowds. (Note to self: make another...

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The Rise of Handmade Goods

In past decades, if you wanted a handmade good, you would have to be lucky enough to receive it from a crafty family member, friend, or neighbour. Today, handmade goods abound, and with the availability of online marketplaces (with worldwide shipping) farmer’s markets and craft fairs, they’re much more easily available. Crafting has always been a popular hobby; it’s a great creative outlet, and many people find that it helps to relieve stress. Now, with the advent of online shopping and shopping locally, it’s easier than ever for talented people to turn their skills and hobbies into small businesses. A...

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